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CCSI is a premier, all-encompassing industrial solutions provider, dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the oil & gas, power, hydro, petrochemical, and refinery industries. With expertise in turnarounds, shutdowns, coded welding, fabrication (both in-shop and on-site), as well as the installation of mechanical and structural services, we deliver comprehensive, turnkey solutions to our valued clients.

Trust us to handle your industrial projects with precision and efficiency, ensuring seamless operations and superior results.


At CCSI, we offer a comprehensive range of field services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our experienced team is proficient in the following areas:

Boiler & Pressure Parts

Installation, repairs, and maintenance of boiler and pressure parts.

ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator)

Inspections, maintenance, and rebuilds to ensure optimal performance.

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

Catalyst change outs for efficient emissions control.

Hydro Dam Piping

Maintenance, modification, and installation of piping systems in hydroelectric dams.

Steel Erection

Expertise in erecting steel structures for various industrial applications.

Pipe Fabrication & Erection

Fabrication and installation of pipes for seamless fluid transportation.


At CCSI, we provide on site mechanical construction services for the Power Generating and General Industry, specializing in short duration critical path projects.

Southern Company

  • Plant Red Hills
  • Gaston Plant
  • Gorgas Plant
  • Green County Steam Plant
  • Flue Gas

Alabama Power

  • Barry Steam Plant
  • Gaston Plant
  • JH Miller Plant

Georgia Power

  • Bowen Plant
  • Yates Plant
  • Wansley Plant
  • Plant Scherer
  • North Georgia Hydro Plant
        * * Tugalo Dam

Mississippi Power

  • Watson Plant

Gulf Power (Now FP&L)

  • Crist Plant
  • Smith Plant
  • Scholz Plant

Alliant Energy

  • Lansing Plant
  • Ottumwa

Big Rivers

  • Wilson Plant

Capital Power

  • Decatur Energy Center

Duke Energy

  • Roxboro Plant – NC
  • Mayo Plant – NC
  • Marshall Steam Station – NC


  • JM Stuart Station
  • Killen Station
  • O. H. Hutchings Station


  • Louisville Gas & Electric – Mill Creek
  • Ghent Station


  • Louisville Gas & Electric Mill Creek
  • Ghent Station

Progress Energy

  • Anclote Plant
  • Bartow Plant
  • Crystal River Plant
  • Hyco Plant
  • Weatherspoon Plant


  • Muskogee Generating Station
  • Sooner Station

Flu Gas

  • Torrance Exxon Mobile, CA

MidAmerican Energy Company

  • Louisa Generating Station

Seminole Electric Cooperative Inc.

  • Seminole Electric – FL


  • Ratts Generation Station – IN
  • Merom – IN


  • Nelson Plant

East Kentucky Power

  • Spurlock Plant – KY

Sperry Environmental

  • Georgia Pacific Corp – Leaf River Cellulose
  • Riegelwood NC
  • International Paper – Georgetown – SC
  • International Paper – Mansfield – LA
  • International Paper – Campti – LA
  • International Paper – Rome – GA

Logan Aluminum Inc.

  • Russellville, KY

Progress Energy

  • Anclote Plant
  • Bartow Plant
  • Crystal River Plant
  • Hyco Plant
  • Weatherspoon Plant


  • Muskogee Generating Station
  • Sooner Station


  • CLECO Cajun LLC – Big Cajun II, LA

Cormetech Inc.

  • Plant Harris, NC
  • Plant Franklin, NC
  • Oglethorpe Power


Steam Boilers
Complete Turn Key Precipitator Rebuilds (Engineering-Parts & Labor)
Air Heating Systems
Ductwork and Piping Systems
Plant Maintenance and Support
Precipitator Technical Advising and Inspection Services
Catalyst Replacement
SCR Retrofit
Heavy Rigging
Specialized Welding & Fabrication
Steel Erection
Explosive Cleaning



CCSI is a Woman Owned Diversity Contractor. Ms. Deborah Henderson is the majority owner and CFO.



Tommy Henderson SR VP,



Tommy Henderson sr. vp, Tommy Henderson II, Management representing over a Century of experience in the utility industry.

Corporate Health and Safety Philosophy

Safety is not merely a value, but the very essence of CCSI’s existence. We firmly believe that all accidents can be prevented, and we strive relentlessly towards the audacious goal of achieving zero incidents. For us, safety is an unwavering commitment to the well-being and livelihood of our exceptional workforce.

 With an unwavering dedication to proactive measures, CCSI continually invests in comprehensive training programs, ensuring that each and every employee possesses the knowledge and expertise to create an environment of unparalleled safety. It is through this tireless pursuit of excellence that we have earned a proven track record of safety, setting us head and shoulders above our competition.

 At CCSI, safety awareness is not an afterthought but an integral part of our daily operations. We embrace an array of cutting-edge safety initiatives, seamlessly blending continuing education, meticulous safety protocols, and an open-door policy that encourages employees to actively participate in shaping a safer workplace. Moreover, our commitment to excellence extends to the very craftsmen we employ, handpicking only the most seasoned professionals in the industry, further reinforcing our commitment to the highest standards of safety.

CCSI’s unyielding dedication to safety elevates us to the forefront of the industry, unmatched by any other. We are steadfast in our pursuit of providing an environment where our employees can thrive without compromising their well-being. Our resolute focus on safety, investment in training, and fostering a culture of transparent communication combine to create an exceptional standard of safety that not only surpasses industry norms but sets a new benchmark for excellence.

 In an ever-evolving world, CCSI remains unwavering in its commitment to safety, for we understand that the true measure of success lies not just in our accomplishments, but in the trust and peace of mind we bring to our employees and clients alike. Together, we forge a future where safety reigns supreme, setting the stage for a world-class workforce and unmatched excellence in all that we do.

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At CCSI, we provide on site mechanical construction services for the Power Generating and General Industry, specializing in short duration critical path projects.

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